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My Life in a Nutshell

My husband Sam and I first went to Thailand in 1981 "just for a year" to work in Khao I Dang, a United Nations run camp for Cambodian refugees. And here we remain 21 years and three kids later.
Our two older kids graduated from International Community School in Bangkok, where I teach. Our oldest son is currently living in California and our daughter I will be leaving in Boston in a few short days to start college. Our youngest son is preparing to be an only child (and thinking he just might enjoy this!)


Phi Phi Island
One of my favorite places to take a break from work

What a job!

I am an ESL teacher at International Community School in Bangkok. I teach mostly elementary aged children, but also some high school kids, as well as coordinate the ESL Department. There are about 500 students, from Kindergarten through high school, from many different countries of the world. Although we teach in English, approximately 75% of the students are working in a language not their native tongue. It's a great job, certainly not without its frustrations (is there any job without rhem?) but very interesting and rewarding.